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Tacassist vehicle pistol mount

Tacassist vehicle pistol mount


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Why do we own a handgun? Most of us would say for protection of my family and others. An honourable statement. In a fight for your life honour goes out the window, and it becomes win at all cost, you need the unfair advantage.

We conceal carry when we go out and maybe even at home some. It is now bedtime and we put our sidearm under the bed, in the safe, in sock draw and a thousand other places, at the time we are most at risk. The TacAssist Magnetic Mounting system now changes that.

The three different magnetic systems allow you to mount your magazine and sidearm out of sight and in reach, even when driving.

The magazine and handgun system hold 4.5kg and 9kg on direct direct pull which will allow you to hold, store and conceal you sidearm and spare magazines close at hand especially at night when you need it most. Think of waking up at night with a perpetrator at you bedroom door and your gun is out of reach. You and your family are now in the fight of your lives, and you are at a disadvantage. The TacAssist magnetic systems allow you to mount a handgun and magazine on a surface underside, either vertically or horizontally, in the easiest concealed place within reach – For example the back of the bed, under the bedside table, beneath your office table or kitchen table. Now if you can’t carry your firearm it is still at hand. Your sidearm is now out of sight, but at hand and the perpetrator believes you are unarmed. The situation has now swayed, giving you the unfair advantage.

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