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Wildebees Nyala 11 Tan

Wildebees Nyala 11 Tan


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Wildebees Mens Footwear Nyala Vellie Tan

We are the most stylish pair of leather shoes you will buy. As with the genuine leather and sleek sole used to manufacture us, you will have the urge to wear us everyday. Furthermore we are a must-have for your shoe collection as we go with absolutely, everything. Advertised as a fashionable casual pair of shoes, you can take us out of our box and slip us on. you will be ready for any occasion!

We are proudly, made and manufactured by South-Africans. And are made of a soft, light brown, genuine Nyala leather, which is specifically designed to work in and under any circumstance or situation you put us in. Also, we have good ankle support as we are 5 inches from the ground up and we do not have a steel tip.

Our Features:
– Super sleek and black soles.
– Strong laces as well as heat-embossed branding on our sides.
– Soft single-layer suede leather tongues.
– As well as no padding around our ankle area.
– No lining and genuine suede leather.
– Double Stitching as well as leather inner-soles.

What’s in our box?
1 Pair of Tan Nyala Vellies

How do you clean us?
We need to be polished and what works best to keep us clean, is to do the following:
You can take a shoe brush with a small amount of Willewax and polish us until you are happy with the results.

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