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Shijiazhuang Hand Pump + Filter

Shijiazhuang Hand Pump + Filter


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High pressure hand pump for filling PCP rifles and pistols and paintball gun cylinders. Ideal for remote areas where scuba cylinder filling is not done. Pumps up to 310bar

Pumps to 4,500 psi/310 bar (always use the correct pressure rating for your gun)
20"" flexible micro-bore hose (inside a spiral steel cage)
Quick-disconnect hose with female coupling
Moisture filters
Integral manometer (air pressure gauge)
Test plug so you can check for leaks
Comfortable, ergonomic handles
Easily accessible bleed valve
Folding footplate
24.80"" long closed, 43.31 inches long extended
Includes accessory pack with spanner wrench screws and bleed off valve."

What's in the box
1 x High-pressure PCP Hand Pump

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