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Seek Thermal Camera Android

Seek Thermal Camera Android


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The Seek Compact PRO for iOS Thermal Camera is designed to work with is designed to work with iPhone top models. This device is portable and easy to pack away for any occasion. It combines powerful thermal insight with a 320 x 240 sensor, a 32-degree wide field of view, and runs off the low energy from your smartphone.  Your smartphone display makes this as visual and large as your phone or tablet. Seek Compact uses advanced infrared technology to let you see thermal images in day or night.  Its detection distance can shorten into a few inches or as far as 1,800 ft.

  • Most powerful thermal camera available for your Android smartphone or tablet
  • Exceptional image clarity – 320 x 240 pixel resolution delivers over 76,000 pixels per image
  • 32° wide field of view ensures you always get the best image
  • Wide temperature measurement range from -40 to 626°F (-40 to 330°C)
  • Measure from as close as 6 inches to as far as 1800 feet
  • Suitable for use in both day and night conditions
  • Waterproof carrying case included
  • Adjustable emissivity – caters for use with different surface types
  • Focusable lens – ideal for ensuring the best image possible
  • Level and span controls allow you to easily isolate and capture the results you want
  • Record images and videos directly on your smartphone
  • Frame rate above 15Hz ensures smoother video while moving
  • 9 selectable colour palettes
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