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Real Avid Rav-1 Born Ready Knife

Real Avid Rav-1 Born Ready Knife


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The Rav-1 from the Rav Series by Real Avid Blades. Built for readiness, this purpose-built carry knife features a nylon handle and a 3.25
inch modified clip point blade crafted from 4Cr14 with a black oxide finish. Equipped with a liner lock mechanism, the Rav ensures 
secure handling in any situation. Born from a culture of preparedness, Real Avid Blades are engineered to confront life’s challenges head
on. Grounded in real-world performance and driven by innovation, Rav Series knives are not just tools—they’re a way of life. With a 
commitment to reliability and functionality, the Rav  is ready for whatever comes your way. Experience the readiness of the Rav by Real 
Avid Blades.

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