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Real Avid Carbon Boss AR 15

Real Avid Carbon Boss AR 15


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The Carbon Boss® – AR15 is the ultimate carbon removal multi-tool ever designed for AR15 bolt carrier groups. This tool is a real game changer, providing gun owners with 16 tools in 1 to help clean and maintain their AR15 rifles in a breeze. Designed by AR15 owners, the Carbon Boss – AR15 is made of non-hardened stainless steel that can remove carbon fouling from 13 surfaces on the bolt carrier, bolt, bolt cam pin and firing pin.

This multi-tool comes with a range of precision cleaning tools, including a pin punch, cotter pin puller, and detailing brushes that help you easily demolish carbon from all surfaces on your AR15 rifle. The Carbon Boss – AR15 is faster, easier and more efficient than anything on the market, giving you the power to clean your rifle thoroughly, quickly and easily even when you’re in the field.

One of the unique features of this tool is its patented brush, made with phosphor bronze and nylon, that rotates to clean the bolt and other areas of the bolt carrier group. The ballistic nylon sheath that comes with the Carbon Boss – AR15 provides an easy-to-carry and safe storage solution for your tool, ensuring that you have the ability to clean your AR15 anytime, anywhere.

With the Carbon Boss – AR15, you can eliminate baked-on carbon from the AR15 chamber and keep your gun in the action. The handle of this tool is ergonomically designed and self-centers inside the upper to perfectly align with the barrel extension lugs, making it easy to spin the handle while making precise contact with all implements inside the chamber. Additionally, the handy Pivot Lock that comes with this tool holds your gun open while cleaning.

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