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Hawke Tactical Laser Kit- Red

Hawke Tactical Laser Kit- Red


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The Hawke Red Tactical Laser Kit is ideal for checking zero, for night shooting or just using for a quick and precise targeting system. It’s simple and well constructed and can be mounted on your existing rifle scope. Use the red laser for close range vermin or pest control or general plinking.

The Hawke Mounted Red Laser Kit is very small and compact and achieves results similar to bigger lasers, but at a fraction of the cost. The Hawke laser can be adjusted for precise adaptation to wind and height elevation with a simple turn of a small screw. It also has 2 modes as there is an integral switch at the rear of the actual laser body, or if you so prefer, it can be operated by remote control using a simple push button remote switch which can be mounted on your rifle stock. Additionally, if you have a Weaver/Picatinny style rail, the laser can easily fit directly onto this. The Tactical laser Kit from Hawke can be mounted onto a 25mm scope with an objective lense diameter of 50mm

Fitting your Red Hawke laser is very easy. First fit the CR123A battery into the laser body, then mount the integral switch with the wire to the rear of the unit to hold the batteries, then test by pressing the switch to check for the red dot. Fit the laser mount onto your scope and tighten, then fit your actual laser unit. It's a simple but very effective piece of kit that can make all the difference in your next hunting trip.
A laser begins with light waves which are generally weak but then you add more energy so the light wave becomes more concentrated. Normally a light produces white light which is a mixture of different colours made by light waves of different frequencies. In contrast the Red light in the tactical laser is made from monochromatic light which is a single precise frequency and colour. A laser shoots a much more concentrated light in controlled waves.



  • 5mW Laser 10mm dot at 10m range (eye safe)
  • Fits any 25mm (1” dia) riflescope tube ≤ 50mm objective lens
  • Windage and elevation adjustable 
  • 50m range
  • Remote switch and integral switch



Laser Red 5mW
Weight 45g1.6oz
Mount Weaver / 1"
Power 2 x CR123A Batteries
Fixings (Top Cap & Rail) Hex Screw
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