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Fiocchi 22lr Ultrasonic(40) Lrn Per 50

Fiocchi 22lr Ultrasonic(40) Lrn Per 50


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Fiocchi is one of the largest ammunition producers in the world. The company boasts excellent productions that meet the expectations of even the most demanding shooters. Due to its reliability, well-established for over 140 years of activity, Fiocchi is known worldwide for the highest quality products (with so-called premium positioning). Fiocchi production includes a full market offer for shooters, from recreational .22 LR and hunting ammunition to specialized cartridges for special unit snipers.

Caliber: .22 lr
Bullet weight: 40 gr / 2.59 g
Missile type: lrn ram
Scale length: 15.57 mm
Type of primer: standard
Initial speed: 380 m / s
Initial energy: 187 j
Maximum pressure: 1700 bar
Number of pieces in the package: 50 pcs, 500 pcs.
Number of pieces in the packaging: 5000 pcs.
Application: Recreational shooting
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