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Eley 12ga Superb 28gram No. 7.5 Per Box 25's

Eley 12ga Superb 28gram No. 7.5 Per Box 25's


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Eley Hawk Superb cartridges are exactly that – superb. They are unquestionably Eley’s most diverse mid to top-level cartridge option, offering smooth recoil, powerful clay breaks in every discipline.

The unique blend of powders and slow-burning primers in the Superb, allows the barrel time to be regulated so it achieves smooth, yet powerful performance. They are loaded with specialist high antimony Magnum shot too. 

Shot size: No. 7,5

Load: 28gr

Case Length: 70mm 

Muzzle velocity: 411 m/s

Packet Size: 25 cartridges

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