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Eley 12ga Select 28gram No. 9

Eley 12ga Select 28gram No. 9


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Eley Hawk’s Select cartridge punches way above its price tag. Since its launch in 2015, the cartridge has been credited by many for getting them into the sport for the first time or following a hiatus of many years.

Designed with low recoil and crisp firing in mind, the product delivers great ballistics even at range. With multiple loads available – including a light 21g load for beginners, those sensitive to recoil or of a slender build – they are suitable for every discipline.

What makes this cartridge perform in the way it does, is a slightly higher head and very comfortable speed to recoil ratio. The 21g load is ideal for taking lessons and introducing new people to the sport; the 24g load is a good intermediate step-up and a perfect cartridge for simulated clay shoots; and the 28 gram load has been used to great effect by new shooters getting into competitions posting scores they can be proud of. 

The powders used change to match the specific load, plastic wadding, and the shorter 67mm case allows the cartridge to be safely used in all guns.


Shot size: No. 9

Load: 28gr

Case Length: 67mm 

Muzzle velocity: 389 m/s

Packet Size: 25 cartridges

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