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Eley 12ga Hi-Flyer 28gram No. 5

Eley 12ga Hi-Flyer 28gram No. 5

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Since its introduction, Eley Hawk’s Hi-Flyer range has become the most comprehensive game shooting offering on the market.

It is a truly universal field cartridge encompassing all aspects of game and vermin control, with the widest variety of shot and wad combinations suitable for all gun configurations, including semi-autos. 

Loaded in a 67mm case configuration with a full range of loads from 28, 30 and 32 gram, these have been used by game shooters, pest controllers and rough shooters alike to great effect and have become a sought-after cartridge. 

Shot size: No. 5 

Load: 28gr

Case Length: 67mm 

Muzzle velocity: 404 m/s

Packet Size: 25 cartridges

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