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Do All Outdoor Backyard 3/4 Cocking Manual Trap

Do All Outdoor Backyard 3/4 Cocking Manual Trap

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The Do-All Backyard 3/4-Cock model is a sit-down model that features a comfortable fold-down chair. The trap has slip-in legs for easy setup in the field and a 2″ hitch mount for connecting to your receiver hitch. The single target model is fully adjustable with the patented three-pivot mount that allows you to throw in any direction from a springing teal to a ground-bouncing rabbit and anything in between. The Backyard model incorporates a sprocket mechanism that uses a set of gears to cycle the trap 3/4 of the way around. This simple and easy-to-use trap is perfect for weekend shooters looking for a reliable trap at a great price. Each frame is constructed of heavy-duty steel tubing. Assembles in minutes. Comes complete with adjustment wrench.

• Solid, reliable construction

• Simple and easy-to-use

 • Perfect for weekend shooters

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