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Birchwood Alpha Shooting Rest

Birchwood Alpha Shooting Rest


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The Birchwood Casey Alpha Rifle Shooting Rest provides a solid and level platform at the range. Adjustable for windage and elevation and for a variety of rifle sizes, this shooting rest provides accuracy for firearms with as short as a 7.5" barrel.


•    Rigid steel frame

•    Non-slip rubber stock rest

•    35lb total weight, integrated front weight

•    Front site:

•    2in windage adjustment

•    3.5in elevation adjustment

•    4.25in adjustment for various rifle sizes

•    Adjustable leveling feet

•    Bullseye bubble level

•    Fits rifles with barrels as short as 7.5”

•    Ambidextrous controls

•    Butt stock shoulder rest

•    Low profile design for prone shooting

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