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Berry's Qd-500 Tumbler Kit Extra Bowl

Berry's Qd-500 Tumbler Kit Extra Bowl


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Berry's Model QD-500 Vibratory Tumbler is an industry first. With a patented quick-detach system, you can remove the bowl from the base completely, keeping spills and messes to a minimum as you pour your brass and media into a separator without having to handle the entire unit. The large, smooth bowl aids in turning and moving the brass and media for quick thorough cleaning. The clear domed polycarbonate lid lets you see the progress without turning off the motor. The motor comes with a 3-year warranty; all other parts come with a lifetime warranty and are made in the USA. 

This is an essential piece of equipment for removing anything affecting the look and performance of your brass including oxidation, sizing lube, dirt, or carbon fouling. Avid shooters and reloaders know that clean brass is vital to achieving consistent performance across every round. Sure, you could clean your brass casing by hand, but if you have a lot to get through, that just isn't efficient or feasible.

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