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Ballistol Universal Spray 400ml

Ballistol Universal Spray 400ml


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BALLISTOL Universal oil Spray, 400ml

• Contents: 400ml
• Spray

Ballistol Universal Oil is the only universal oil and versatile like no other.

Ballistol Universal Oil has been produced in Germany for over five generations and sold worldwide. Originally developed as a weapon and wound oil for the imperial army, it soon became a valued home remedy in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Millions of consumers have experimented with it and found surprising new applications for it, including use on humans and animals.


• Area of ​​application: For the care of metal, wood, leather, rubber, plastic, fur, skin and much more in handicraft, industry, agriculture, household, garden, for motor vehicles, fishing, hunting and shooting sports.

• Proven for over 110 years
• No other product has as many possible application areas
• Loosens and protects against rust and corrosion
• Enormously creeping, preserving, cleaning, impregnating
• Permanent, long-lasting, non-volatile lubricant
• Removes stubborn residues (tar, glue residues, resinified oils)
• For machines and devices made of steel and iron, natural wood and leather, oil-resistant rubbers and plastics
• Forms a milky white emulsion in water
• Forms an alkaline protective film on metals (prevents fingerprints)
• Neutralizes hand sweat and other rust-promoting residues
• Free of PTFE, resin, silicone and acid
• Without fats and wax
• Unlimited shelf life, does not resinify after years
• The ingredients are of natural and pharmaceutical origin
• Free from animal oils
• Low solvent content

Material compatibility:
• Protects, preserves and regenerates natural wood
• For stainless steel, chrome and iron
• Maintains and protects oil-resistant plastics (cockpit care, zippers ...) and rubbers (prevents freezing)
• Protects smooth leather against dehydration, water and rot
• Also suitable for skin and fur care (e.g. cleaning of the fur, the outer auricle and for the care of the tail, mane and hooves)
• Cleans and removes powder residues, lead, copper and tombac deposits
• Neutralizes combustion residues

• Biodegradable
• Consists of purely plant-based natural products or derived products from them
• Harmless to humans and nature
• Compatible with plants

• Skin and material compatible (Dermatest "Very Good", source:
• Food safe and approved for the food processing industry
• Completely harmless if ingested accidentally!
• Pharmaceutical grade ingredients

• Tried and tested special agent for industry, trade, agriculture and household for over 115 years
• Maintains, protects and lubricates all materials made of metal, oil-resistant plastic, rubber, leather and wood
• Cleans, creeps, preserves, regenerates and protects against corrosion and rust
• Does not resinify, dissolves grease, tar, dirt, glue residues and other unsuitable oils and neutralizes weak acids
• Food-safe, particularly skin-friendly, medically pure and biodegradable
• Dermatologically tested with "Very Good" (source:
• Free of PTFE and silicone

Note: The typical inherent odor disappears after a short time. Non-ferrous metals can tarnish, only apply sparingly. Not suitable for suede.
Hazard warning: Extremely flammable aerosol. Pressurized container: May burst if heated.

Further designs and containers are available from us.

In old documents we found what customers already knew more than 60 years ago - here is a historical customer report that was sent to Ballistol:

"With your BALLISTOL oil I have been trying for over a year how the oil behaves in clocks (small and large clocks). The successes have so far been so excellent that I have decided to only use your oil". (A. H. Watches and Optics in Durmersheim, January 13, 1961).

Brand Ballistol
Dangerous goods from quantity 60
Article name BALLISTOL universal oil
Property Spray 400ml
Bereich Workshop
Application Care of metal, wood, leather, rubber and much more
Content 400.00
Unit content ml
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