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Entrance Fees

Entrance fees for the use of the range is R100 per shooter for a total of 60min.

Targets are not included in the entrance fee.

Non-shooters are able to view the shooters from behind glass

Proficiency Training

We offer the basic training courses required in order to license a firearm in South Africa. All our courses are done with experienced and highly qualified instructors.

  • Unit Standard 117705 (Legal Test)
  • Unit Standard 119649 (Handgun)
  • Unit Standard 119651 (Manual Rifle)
  • Unit Standard 119652 (Shotgun)
  • Unit Standard 119650 (Self-Loading)
  • Unit Standard 123516 (Range Officers Course)
  • Unit Standard 119649, 119650, 119651, 119652 (Combination)

Training Room | Class Room

There are many instances when you may need a training room outside of your conventional office. If you’re looking to hire our training room, please contact us and arrange a booking.

Our training room can seat 8 people at the table.

The training room is available for rental at R100 per hour or R1200 for the full day use.

Shooting Range

Shooting bays

We have 8 shooting bays

4x 10.1 meter long

4x 12.2 meter long

Electronic Target System

Our electronic target system allows for shooters to stay at their bays and adjust the target without having to wait for others to finish shooting.

The target system is fully electronic allowing you to set the distance wherever you like at your own time.

Heavy Duty Extraction System
Technology is always improving and we are currently using the latest design in extraction fans! Our shooters will experience clean harm free air within the shooting range.

LED Over Head Lighting
The over head LED lighting allows for less shadow casing and better lighting from all around.
Shooters will be able to clearly see their sights with consistant lighting.

Shooting Experience and Packages

We have a variety of firearms available for rental to shooters who do not have their own guns yet.

List of available firearms

  • Glock 17 Pistol
  • Glock 19 Pistol
  • Glock 41 Pistol
  • CZ P07 Pistol
  • CZ P10C Pistol
  • Diamond Back AR 15 Rifle
  • Diamond Back PPC Pistol
  • Stoeger M3K Shotgun
  • Smith and Wesson MP15-22 Rifle
  • Saiga AK47 Rifle
  • Winchester Shotgun
  • 3 Gun Nation Package

    10 Rounds AR15

    10 Rounds Pistol

    5 Rounds Shotgun

  • Long Gun Package

    10 Rounds AR15

    10 Rounds PCC

    10 Rounds AK47

  • Handgun Fun Package

    50 Rounds Handgun

  • From Close To Far Package

    20 Rounds AR15

    20 Rounds Semi-Auto Shotgun

  • Big And Small

    25 Rounds .22LR Semi-Auto

    2 Rounds 50AE Desert Eagle

  • Da Bomb

    20 Rounds AK47

    2 Explosive Target