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Eley 28ga VIP 21gm No. 6

Eley 28ga VIP 21gm No. 6

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Eley Hawk have long supported the small gauge game enthusiast who needs light recoil, tight patterns and outstanding performance in the field with their VIP Game 28 gauge. Synonymous with the VIP Game Range, each cartridge comprises only premium components to deliver fantastic results.

The 28 gauge variations include a 16, 21 and 24 gram cartridge, making and the old adage of “it's not the amount of lead, but where you place it” hold true. Where fast acquisition and quick reaction times are needed the 28 gauge will work wonders from pigeon and woodcock to partridge and pheasant, especially when walked-up shooting.

Once you shoot with Eley VIP's nothing else is quite the same. Superior patterning and ballistics ensure the best in class performance.

Shot size: No. 6

Load: 21gr

Case Length: 70mm 

Muzzle velocity: 409 m/s

Packet Size: 25 cartridges

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