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Eley 16ga VIP 28gram No. 5

Eley 16ga VIP 28gram No. 5

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Widely regarded as the ‘True Gentleman's Gauge’, Eley Hawk’s VIP Game 16 gauge offering is the perfect match for the unique handling of a 16 bore gun, which is believed to deliver the power of a 12 bore with the lively characteristics of a 20 bore gun. 

Synonymous with the VIP Game range, the 16 bore delivers truly exceptional patterning and ballistics with gentle recoil perfectly suited for all quarry species but is exclusively formulated with a unique blend of PSB+ powders for consistent velocity and pressure. 

Once you shoot with Eley VIP's nothing else is quite the same. Superior patterning and ballistics ensure the best in class performance.

Shot size: No. 5

Load: 28gr

Case Length: 67mm 

Muzzle velocity: 396 m/s

Packet Size: 25 cartridges

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