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Bowman Super Match Six Automatic Trap

Bowman Super Match Six Automatic Trap

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Supermatch Six is our best selling automatic trap offering great flexibility and versatility.

It is ideal for all grounds and clubs.

Exceptional capacity of 300 clays in six stacks.

Elevation to 75°, from horizontal to springing teal.

Two different spring strengths to suit your needs.

Powerful 100 metres standard clay throwing distance.

Trap weight of 55Kg.

Re-cocking time of 1.5 seconds.

Heavy duty motor and gearbox.

Slotted base for windage adjustment.

Accurate and easy adjustment of arm parking.

Hi-tensile aluminium arm.

Three point clay lowering ramp.

Two different spring strengths available:

- 100 metre throwing distance with white spring for a standard clay.

- 80 metre throwing distance with yellow spring for a standard clay.

Hard wired circuitry with a 40 AMP fuse.

Unique multi-adjustable base with no spanners required for elevation or spring tension.

Tilting option when fitted to a tilting base tilt of 40° to left and right.

 Option of fitting an eight stack, 400 clay capacity carousel.

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