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The new Stoeger 8000 Cougar semi-auto pistols inherit the reputation of the original Beretta 8000 as reliable, durable and powerful. First designed primarily for tactical undercover work, the Cougar is now carried by a growing number of police officers as their official duty sidearm thanks to its ergonomics, low recoil and inherent accuracy. The original Beretta Cougar was NATO qualified and boasted a long service-life of more than 30,000 9mm rounds. In its new incarnation, Beretta has developed an ergonomically-advanced pistol that is compact but capable of handling high-power cartridges, offering high magazine capacity and giving a long service life. This has been possible also thanks to the innovative adaptation of a locked-breech system with a rotating barrel. Today, the new Stoeger 8000 Cougar pistol is manufactured by the Stoeger Silah Sanayi A.S., strictly in line with the most traditional Beretta quality control and attention to detail.

Caliber: 9mmP (9x19)

Weight of firearm loaded: 

Magazine Capacity: 15

Trigger pull weight: N/A

Firearm length: 178mm

Firearm height: 126mm

Firearm width: 32mm

Barrel length: 92mm

Barrel height: N/A

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