Rifle Ammunition

Eley .22 LR Edge
Packet of 50 Eley .22 LR Edge CartridgesELEY edge breaks engineering boundaries with an innovat..
Eley .22 LR Force 42gr HV
Packet of 50 Eley .22 LR Force 42r HV CartridgesELEY force is a high-velocity, semi-automatic ...
Eley .22 LR Match
Packet of 50 Eley .22 LR MatchELEY match is renowned amongst elite competition shooters for its..
Eley .22 LR Sport
Packet of 50 Eley .22 LR Sport CartridgesELEY sport introduces shooters to the world of ELEY’s ..
Eley .22 LR Tenex
Packet of 50 Eley .22 LR Tenex CartridgesELEY tenex the world’s most consistently accurate .22L..
Federal .22-250 Remington Fusion 55gr
Packet of 20 Federal .22-250 Remington Fusion 55gr Cartridges..
Federal .25-06 Remington Fusion 120gr
Packet of 20 Federal .25-06 Remington Fusion 120gr Cartridges..
Federal .30-06 Spr Fusion 180gr
Packet of 20 Federal .30-06 Spr Fusion 180gr Cartridges..
Federal .30-30 Win Power Shock 170gr
Packet of 20 Federal .30-30 Win Power Shock 170gr Cartridges..
Federal .300 Win Mag Trophy Bonded 180gr
Packet of 20 Federal .300 Win Mag Trophy Bonded 180gr Cartridges..
Federal .300 WSM Trophy Bond 165gr
Packet of 20 Federal .300 WSM Trophy Bond 165gr Cartridges..
Federal .303 British Power Shock 180gr
Packet of 20 Federal .303 British Power Shock 180gr Cartridges..
Federal .375 H+H Power Shock 270gr
Packet of 20 Federal .375 H+H Power Shock 270gr Cartridges..
Federal .470 Nitro Express Trophy Bond 500gr
Packet of 20 Federal .470 Nitro Express Trophy Bond 500gr Cartridges..
Federal 6.5 x 55 Swedish Power Shock 140gr
Packet of 20 Federal 6.5 x 55 Swedish Power Shock 140gr Cartridges..
Federal 6mm Rem Power shock 100gr
Packet of 20 Federal 6mm Rem Power shock 100gr Cartridges..
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