Brand: Forster Products
Product Code: FORHOT100
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Turns your case neck concentric to its true axis, unlike hand-held neck turners, which are centered only on the pilot.

Use after the case neck has been resized and expanded. The Outside Neck Turner Accessory mounts onto an Original or Power Case Trimmer.

Adjustable, circular Carbide Cutter provides years of reliable use

Installs over the Case Trimmer Cutter Shaft

To operate, you control the rate of feed by rotating the feeder cam while a cam follower controls the length of the cut

To change calibers (any diameter from .204″ to .375″), simply insert the correct Pilot and make the necessary adjustments to the Carbide Cutter

Properly adjusted, will turn necks to within a tolerance of ±.0001″

Cases longer than .375 Magnum (2.94″) require a Long Case Trimmer Base

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