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AK47s get dirty fast.

That is why we created the most comprehensive cleaning kit ever for the AK47.

It contains a proprietary carbon-scraping tool designed for AK pistons and bolts.

Our exclusive chamber brush is threaded on both ends to reach the hard-to-clean chamber from both directions.

This kit will get your gun cleaned fast and easy, so you can spend your time where you want—on the range.

Tool Technical Data
Tool 1 6 threaded steel rods with durable black e-coating and swivel tip combine to form a 28.5” rod
Tool 2 AK47 drift pin punch with gas port scraper tip
Tool 3 Firing pin tip
Tool 4 T-handle
Tool 5 Bore illuminator/safety flag
Tool 6 Piston shaft
Tool 7 7.62mm bore brush
Tool 8 Compact AK47 carbon scraper
Tool 9 1/4” bit driver
Tool 10 Chamber brush
Tool 11 Compact, weather-resistant travel case
Tool 12 1/4” bit driver
Tool 13 Gas tube nylon brush
Tool 14 50 – 1.5” X 3” cleaning patches
Tool 15 Slot to assist opening the gastube access lever
Tool 16 Gas tube mop
Tool 17 Nylon slotted tip
Tool 18 Gas piston faces (3 shapes)
Tool 19 Piston grooves

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