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Product Code: Spotter Extreme
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Handheld infrared night vision system
Part of the NiteSite family of night vision systems, the SpotterXTREME completes your night hunting
The perfect companion piece to a NiteSite scope mounted unit, SpotterXTREME uses the same
infrared technology in a compact handheld form factor.
Lightweight and manoeuvrable, its 20x optical zoom allows you to scan the darkness for eyes,
zooming in to identify prey to ensure that you target only the quarry you intend, without
disturbing them, and without the need for lamps or lights.
Plug in a digital camera using the 3.5mm 4 pin video output jack and you can record all that the
SpotterXTREME sees, ideal for the hunter that enjoys reviewing hunts after the fact.

Identification range: 500 meters (550 yards)
20x Optical zoom
Field of view 25 degrees
Operational run time up to 20 hours
No ambient light required
IR frequency: 850nM
Video output: 3.5mm 4 pin jack
5 integral IR LED’s
Water resistant
Weight 1300g
Built in rechargeable 3.5Ah battery
All-in-one night vision system

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