Bowman Acoustic Release System
Voice Activated/Acoustic Release System is perfect for individuals that shoot on their own. It ca..
Bowman Battue Conversion Kit
The battue double rise conversion kit is available for use with all Bowman multi stack traps.Fitted ..
Bowman Compact 150 Automatic Trap
Using modern manufacturing techniques and design we have produced a small but powerful trap that mee..
Bowman Elevating Base Plate
The Elevating Base Plate is suitable for the SuperTrap Junior.The plate is fitted between the trap a..
Bowman Mini Barrow
Made specifically for the Supermatch One as an optional extra...
Bowman Oscillating Base Plate
The base simply fits onto the existing barrow with the Supermatch One fastened onto the base.With a ..
Bowman Radio Release System
The Radio Release System enabling you to operate the trap from up to 200 metres away and is availabl..
Bowman Super Match One Automatic Trap
The Supermatch One is our most portable automatic trap.Weighing only 24Kg, this trap can fit into an..
Bowman Super Match Six Automatic Trap
Supermatch Six is our best selling automatic trap offering great flexibility and versatility. It ..
Bowman Super Trap Junior Manual Trap
A compact trap offering our usual superb performance, the SuperTrap Junior is ideal for beginners an..
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