Brno Mod 1 (116058)
Brno Mod 1 rifle that is more of a project gun.The stock needs to be sweated to get the oil out and ..
Brno Mod. 1 with Scope (119415)
Very nice little Brno Mod. 1 in a good condition.The barrel has no rust or wear on it and has all th..
Brno Mod. 2 with Scope and Suppressor (118667)
Lovely little Brno Mod. 1 The stock has a few harsh dings in it and will require a gunsmith to ..
BSA .243 Win Rifle (113291)
BSA rifle in a .243win Barrel length of 22'' with no signs or pitting or rust.Outside of the barrel ..
Churchill .270 Win Rifle (111867)
Churchill was established in 1891 in EnglandThis beautiful English built firearm comes in a .270 win..
Daniel Fraser 7x57 and Swarovski Scope (114336)
A beautiful second-hand Daniel Fraser 7x57 equipped with a Swarovski 6x42 scope.A 24'' barrel which ..
Dumoulin .416 Rigby (119390)
Gorgeous .416 rifle in a very good condition.There is however a few small scratches on the stock nea..
Midland .243 Win Rifle (113308)
Midland rifle in a .243 with a 24'' barrelThe barrel has no signs of rust nor pitting and has a grea..
Musgrave .30-06 Rifle
Musgrave Mod 90Well used, but in fair condition.With bases, rings and a basic scope...
Sabi .300 Win Mag
A fantastic piece of wood housing a CZ action and Sabie barrel.Second hand, excellent condition...
Winchester 7mm Rifle with Swarovski Scope
Second hand Winchester 7mm Rem rifle with a Swarovski Scope.The firearm is in a good condition howev..
Winchester Model 70 .375 H&H (119395)
A very neat Winchester model 70 in .375 H&H.No signs of any dings, scratches or rust anywhere.Th..
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