Olight 18650 3400mAh Battery
Optimal for high-drain devicesUsing an innovational positive protection circuit and its positions on..
Olight I3E EOS Torch
The i3E is an extremely compact flashlight with a maximum 120-lumen output (silver only, 90 lumens f..
Olight M1X Striker Torch
The M1X Striker is a dual-switch tactical LED flashlight featuring a high intensity output with a co..
Olight Omni Dok Battery Charger
The Omni-Dok is an intelligent, two-bay charging system designed to safely charge the most common re..
Olight PL-2 Valkyrie Torch
The PL-2 Valkyrie is the brightest compact weapon light on the market using a CREE XHP35 HI Led deli..
Olight R50 Pro Torch
The R50 PRO Seeker is a high-output, rechargeable side-switch LED flashlight that utilizes Olights s..
Olight S1A Torch
The S1A Baton is an all new LED flashlight powered by a convenient single AA battery. The S1A is the..
Olight S1R Baton Kit Torch
The S1R baton (S1R) is a side-switch, rechargeable EDC flashlight, powered by one RCR123 rechargeabl..
Surefire EDCL2-T Torch
The Everyday Carry Light 2, an upgraded version of our popular EB2 Backup®. Otherwise it’s all about..
Surefire G2X Pro Torch
The G2X Pro is a dual-output version that features the same lightweight, ergonomically shaped body. ..
Surefire X300U-B Torch Attachment
This newly enhanced version of our best-selling SureFire X300 Ultra now delivers a stunning 1,000 lu..
Surefire X400U-A-RD Torch Attachment
The X400UH-A-RD was created to interface with SureFire’s revolutionary MasterFire® Rapid Deploy Hols..
Surefire XC1-B Torch Attachment
SureFire’s smallest and lightest weight WeaponLight has been upgraded to deliver more output and fea..
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